Well Well Well done The Lions

by Alan on July 3, 2017

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What a game – what a match and what a final test there’ll be on Saturday. Well done all!

Image result for digital inclusion farmingBack in the 1990s I was running the business team at a company called CableTel South Wales, later to become NTL and now, Virgin Media.

We were building the first fibre networks to deliver TV and Telephone services and of course this new “big thing” called “The Internet”.

Even then we were concerned that this new connection to a “digital superhighway” could widen the gap between developed and developing regions in Wales. Has that changed? Or do we still live in a multi-speed country in terms of access to and performance of our digital lives? I think we do. [click to continue…]

The Blog is Back

by Alan on August 21, 2016

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openFor the last 8 or 9 months, I’ve been trying to rescue my Blog. The web hosting company that was supposed to be caring for it started to lose interest some time ago and as a result, it’s been off the air for far too long but as of today, it’s back online – albeit at this new  and more Wales focused address.

It’s been really frustrating not being able to post in recent months, especially as there have been some pretty important things happening this year on subjects dear to my heart:

  • I landed a brilliant new job in January at the Farmers’ Union of Wales
  • We had an election here in Wales in May
  • There was a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union
  • The fallout from the Referendum and its political upheaval
  • Conflict continues in many parts of the world and terror has spread in Europe

Having now got things back on track I plan to pick up my pen (keyboard!) and get commenting once again, whilst also patching up some of the broken bits of the site.


PS: If you want to host a website somewhere – I would not recommend Extendnet!

Could more be done for Wales with the City Deal?

18 November 2015 Business

The City Deal is a Treasury driven stimulus for empowering local areas to drive growth by putting greater resources and financial freedoms into the hands of local leaders and it is gaining much attention in Wales. It has the potential to deliver an extra investment of circa £1billion and if used wisely might have a significant […]

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Leadership and Talk Talk

23 October 2015 Business

I met Dido Harding a year or 2 back when she spoke at the Cardiff Business Club. She made a great impact on me as someone who is an inspiring leader, willing and able to get to the heart of the action and she clearly had exciting ambitions for the growth of the company that […]

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Can Rugby history repeat itself?

16 October 2015 Rugby

I was there in 2007, in Cardiff, when France took on New Zealand in the Quarter Final of the Rugby World Cup. It was one of those nights when you just knew that something was going to happen. From the moment I walked into the stadium and sat watching the teams warm-up it was clear […]

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Whose Call is it Anyway?

15 October 2015 Moans

Most days, around about 3.15 the phone rings. Sometimes it’s just quiet at the other end, other times it’s someone from a spurious call center business with a very official-sounding name like the “National Free Window Replacement Service”. Whoever it is, they never leave their number. If I dial 1471 to check on their calling […]

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