Big Data – it’s Pretty Big!

The Physical Size of Big Data


Why do we change just for change’s sake?

Microsoft Windows 95 operating system cover shot
This one needed changing!

I bought a new laptop last weekand having been a user of Dell machines for many many years I was seduced by the apparent good looks and power of a new Samsung machine.

When I got home I really felt quite pleased with the purchase until, that is, I started using the Windows 8 operating system.

Who on earth designed and authorized this dog’s breakfast of an operating system?

Who had done the Usability testing? Who ever it was has really failed in my opinion.

And the worst moment of all: how on earth do you switch the machine off? It’s so different from previous editions of Windows that it can only be change for change’s sake. And that is never a good basis for change.

Overall not impressed, but then, it does look nice.


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How to recover a deleted Google Calendar

English: Vector version of Nuvola KDE icon
How to recover a Google Calendar

OK, I admit it, I was fiddling. Fiddling with some new calendar Apps on my phone and when I decided that I no longer wanted one I deleted it. And it told me that deletion would also delete my Calendar and I didn’t believe it.

How could an App be so dumb as to delete my data when all I really wanted to do was get rid of the App from my phone. Well I was wrong and after clicking on “Ok” I’d lost all my Google Calendar. And the truly surprising thing was that Google has no restore capability. Continue reading “How to recover a deleted Google Calendar”

Why LinkedIn is getting it wrong, so very wrong


I was at a very good networking breakfast this morning and before we’d even sat down at our tables, 3 people had mentioned the recent changes on LinkedIn to me.

Why on earth were they receiving so many endorsements? What are endorsements about? Why do people I hardly know endorse me for my “Bread Making”? were some of the questions raised. Continue reading “Why LinkedIn is getting it wrong, so very wrong”