Well Well Well done The Lions

by Alan on July 3, 2017

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What a game – what a match and what a final test there’ll be on Saturday. Well done all!

Image result for digital inclusion farmingBack in the 1990s I was running the business team at a company called CableTel South Wales, later to become NTL and now, Virgin Media.

We were building the first fibre networks to deliver TV and Telephone services and of course this new “big thing” called “The Internet”.

Even then we were concerned that this new connection to a “digital superhighway” could widen the gap between developed and developing regions in Wales. Has that changed? Or do we still live in a multi-speed country in terms of access to and performance of our digital lives? I think we do. [click to continue…]

Tecwyn’s work at RWC 2015

by Alan on September 18, 2015

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For the last 3 years my younger son, Tecwyn, has been working at World Rugby (was International Rugby Board) on the digital team, looking after the development of their websites and apps. This is his interview – in Welsh – for BBC Radio Cymru this morning.

It was good to hear him admit that he is “hollol bonkers” something some of us have known for a long time!!

Nice one Tec.

Music, music everywhere – and all for Free?

1 September 2015 Family

 The old world order of Vynil was so easy, and offered the joys of playing the old Sleeveface games, but now music is so different. Why buy records when you can just sign up for access to the world’s music for next to nothing?

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“The Welsh Class” circa 1963: where are they now?

16 May 2015 Family

Clearing out a few cupboards this weekend uncovered this old photo of the London County Council run “Welsh Class” in HungerfordRoad School, probably around 1963. I wonder where they all are now. You probably couldn’t call it the Welsh Class now, would infringe some law or other I’m sure.

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Predictive text – not always a curse

16 May 2015 Family

This was recently in the Daily Telegraph letters page:

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My Dear Ben: I really miss you

30 November 2014 Family

My dear Ben, it’s been a week since I kissed you goodbye and I want you to know that I really miss you. This has been a really long, painful, tearful week, a week that has given me more pain than anything else ever has in my life. Your leaving me has left me in […]

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