Has the World Cup ticket pricing gone too far?

I normally go to Wales’ home rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium and take my wife and sons with me whenever we can.And in truth I’d probably like to continue this pattern for the Rugby World Cup matches next year. And if I was lucky I might even go to the games at Twickers.

However, with tickets going on sale today I’ve worked out how much that might cost and now reckon I might not be going at all!
If Wales “went all the way” then the top tier tickets would cost a whopping £9,580 for all the matches that I’d want to see. IF we got to the final, that alone would be 3 grand.
I think that is testing the loyalty of the most loyal of supporters.

Bedroom Design Ideas: A Male Perspective

I’m not usually massively involved in decorating ideas around the house; Mari usually decides on all that sort of thing, and I’m always happy how it turns out! Recently we’ve been thinking about having a bit of an overhaul of the main bedroom, however, and she asked me for a male perspective on the subject. So I immersed myself in the frankly overwhelming amount of advice and information online and came up with the following ideas.


I’ve never been over-keen on spending money unnecessarily, so anything that’s going to look dated quickly is right out. We don’t want to be going through the whole process again in a year’s time! The most important thing to bear in mind when designing a bedroom is to keep things neutral and simple. There’s a reason top-class hotel rooms look like they do; no hotel chain wants to have to update everything more often than they need to, and clean, modern design never goes out of style.


The bed is naturally the most important thing to consider. Healthy sleep is everything these days, and a decent bed (in a well-designed, quiet room) goes a long way to ensuring a good night. You don’t have to spend a packet to get a good-quality, classic-style bed; online firm BedStar have this leather bedstead, which I’d be tempted to couple with a memory foam mattress. They’ll do next day delivery as well.


Keeping the overall look neutral solves several issues; firstly, it’s less likely to date; secondly, it makes for a calmer sleep environment, and thirdly, if you want to add a bit of colour, you can do so with (for example) bed linen or a picture or two. Paint-wise, Dulux do a range of neutral colours that they group into warmer and cooler varieties.


I think wooden blinds always look good, though they can be tricky to keep clean. It’s important to get them correctly measured and fitted or they’ll let in too much light. If we go for the blinds option I’ll hopefully be using a Welsh company called Millennium Blinds. They have a great range and a showroom in Cardiff, but they’ll come to the house and show you samples before fitting.


Finally we come to the issue of flooring. The great debate here is whether to go with wood – which I like – or carpet. The arguments against wood is that it can take more maintenance, and also that it can be noisy for anyone below. On the plus side, a good quality wooden floor looks fantastic, it adds to the value of your home, and it reduces dust, which keeps people with allergies awake at night. I’m definitely in favour of it – I just need to get it past Mari now!



Why I love London

It’s a long time ago now and I can’t remember the specifics, but I was born in London many, many years ago.
I loved the place when I lived there up until the age of 18, loved it for its pace, its buzz, the vibrancy. And of course the best club rugby team in the world at the time: London Welsh
Having been back there today I was reminded how beautiful a city it is.
Walking along the Embankment there was just history all around. Beautifully presented, often understated. A new chapter on every corner.
The place is also cleaner, its more relaxed, comfortable with itself. It’s welcoming and truly iconic.
It is probably the greatest city in the world.
But Cardiff is still my home.

Scary Snowmen

Scary snowmenI saw this picture on Facebook, and reckoned that if you were walking through a graveyard one winter evening and saw them then they’d have a pretty striking impact!


The results of our “Day of Chaos”

cacsI know one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but there really was quite a difference in the way that today panned out. Sure, we had some snow and the schools were closed, rail and some bus services were disrupted etc etc and the media reports were talking about the Day of Chaos across Wales.

But it was all a bit different in our house where my dear wife, Mari, had been ordered to work from home as her school was closed.

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