Has the World Cup ticket pricing gone too far?

17 June 2014 Family

I normally go to Wales’ home rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium and take my wife and sons with me whenever we can.And in truth I’d probably like to continue this pattern for the Rugby World Cup matches next year. And if I was lucky I might even go to the games at Twickers. However, […]

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Bedroom Design Ideas: A Male Perspective

20 April 2014 Family

I’m not usually massively involved in decorating ideas around the house; Mari usually decides on all that sort of thing, and I’m always happy how it turns out! Recently we’ve been thinking about having a bit of an overhaul of the main bedroom, however, and she asked me for a male perspective on the subject. […]

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My Personality Type: The Independent Thinker

17 February 2014 Business


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Why I love London

29 July 2013 Family

It’s a long time ago now and I can’t remember the specifics, but I was born in London many, many years ago. I loved the place when I lived there up until the age of 18, loved it for its pace, its buzz, the vibrancy. And of course the best club rugby team in the […]

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Scary Snowmen

24 January 2013 Family

I saw this picture on Facebook, and reckoned that if you were walking through a graveyard one winter evening and saw them then they’d have a pretty striking impact!  

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It’s not just kids that want to play in the Snow

19 January 2013 Family

At around 6.30 this morning Ben decided to let us know that he wanted to go out and play in the snow, he normally sleeps until 8.30 given the chance, but this morning he was absolutely leaping and raring to go. httpv://

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The results of our “Day of Chaos”

18 January 2013 Family

I know one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but there really was quite a difference in the way that today panned out. Sure, we had some snow and the schools were closed, rail and some bus services were disrupted etc etc and the media reports were talking about the Day of Chaos across Wales. But […]

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