What have Boris and George got in common?

8 May 2012 Lessons

Boris Johnson won in London, George Galloway won in Bradford, but what is it that made them winners? I think the answer is pretty clear: they both stood for something and both connected with and appealed to the voters.

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Why did I give up Social Media for Lent?

6 April 2012 Lessons

It’s been almost a month since I wrote anything here, and I’ve been equally quiet on Twitter as well in recent weeks. But it’s now come to an end. It would be easy to say that I did it for Lent, but I didn’t. I’ve just been too damn busy to get the juices flowing, […]

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New Year’s Honours revisited

31 December 2011 Lessons

For my thoughts on the New Year Honours please refer to this old post Some messages just never lose their relevance!

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Tax, and the shit we are in, simply explained….

7 November 2011 Laugh

This lovely tale explains our tax system and the flaws in a lovely way: Suppose that every evening, 10 men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this :- The first four men […]

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9/11 – A day that changed my world

11 September 2011 Lessons

It was a nice enough morning as I recall. The sun was shining and the journey to head office was an easy ride for once. I was meeting my Director in NTL to review the plans for redundancies, and  I was “under threat”. The formal meeting went well, the regrets were expressed that all present […]

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Have you ever auditioned to say “Hello”?

2 September 2011 Laugh

I heard a lovely story tonight on Live at the Apollo, probably a repeat, but what the heck. Man comes home from a night out with the boys. Has had a few, may 2 or 3 too many. When he gets to the front door and finds his key the deep breathing begins. And so […]

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7 changes that spoilt the world of rugby

4 June 2011 Lessons

It was a joy to watch the highlights of the famous Barbarians v New Zealand match last night on the Beeb, how they condensed it into half an hour amazed me. But a number of things struck me during and after the programme about how the world of rugby has changed. Here are some thoughts:

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