Why I will spoil my ballot

9 November 2012 Moans

I will be expressing my feeling in next week’s election of Police and Crime Commissioner by spoiling my ballot paper. It’s the only way I can think of to protest –  albeit in a pretty futile way – against this ridiculous election. I’ve never spoilt a ballot paper before, and have always voted as I believe in […]

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I felt robbed by 2 little Molluscs

17 October 2012 Food

I went out to dinner last night to a restaurant that I’d used years ago, I had fond memories of the place run by its owners, serving great beer and wonderful food. How things change. When we arrived, we found that all the real beer was “off”. Actually there’s was only a choice of one […]

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Broadband priorities, where we are going wrong

25 September 2012 Business

I live in Cardiff, so logically should welcome the recent announcements about making the city a leading performer in the broadband stakes. But in truth I don’t and the reason is simple: the Cable internet service I already have is really slick and I can’t but help feel that the public money being injected into […]

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18 September 2012 Moans

Still poor

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Poor Broadband in Ceredigion

17 September 2012 Business

I’ve not seen faster upload than download speeds until tonight in Ceredigion. Makes a mockery of the plans to boost speeds in Cardiff and other well supported cities. We need Broadband to be ubiquitous and delivered to the standards of Universal Service of telephone services

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How many passwords to you need to buy a Daily Deal?

15 June 2012 Moans

Like many, I subscribe to daily notification emails about Daily Deals and I suspect that like most people I ignore them a lot of the time. But today was different: I noticed one that caught my eye. It was for a restaurant in Cardiff, one I’d had some great nights in and one I’d not […]

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The Olympic torch didn’t light my fire

3 June 2012 Moans

I saw the Olympic torch last Sunday, it was passing through Aberaeron so it seemed churlish to ignore it. Off we went: me and the family, to get a good view of proceedings as it passed through the town. Expectations were high, the crowd was large and the sun was shining. All looked good.

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