We know the Allowances, but what’s the Job

I think I may have mentioned this before, but how can you set allowances for a job without knowing what that job is?

It’s always been a principle of mine in business to define the job that my team have to do, then give them the tools to do it. If they need more tools, they ask, justify and receive. All of them. Not one by one, not on a case by case basis but all of them.

MP’s and AM’s have a “job”, but what is it exactly? Is there a Job Descrption and a set of objectives? Are the tools required to do the work clearly defined and provided? With those essentials in place we could then understand what the allowances are for.

It works in business, so why not in the public sector?

Second class Assembly Members?

trainAm I reading the report on Assembly Members’ Allowances correctly? Does it really say that AM’s “are expected to travel by the most cost-effective means”?

Do I read that right: does it mean that they should travel second class when travelling by train?

Because if it does then I’m not happy.

I want my AMs to be able to work on trains and you can’t in my experience do that in second class. The seats are too narrow and there’s no room for a laptop. So the journey time is wasted.

Whilst on the surface it appears that this idea of second class travel is a good “levelling” policy, it does not recognise the opportunity cost.

It is therefore the wrong decision and should be rejected.

Make no Allowance for this Stupidity

MP’s expenses have been published online today.


Well that’s what the headlines said, but from what I can see all that has been made available are a series of forms with lots of detail obliterated by black censorial pens.

Whoever made the decision to hide the information has made a serious error of judgement and has failed to understand how the public feel about this matter.

We should make no allowance for this stupidity.

Paying for drugs makes sense

I’m pleased to see that the Conservatives in Wales are saying that they’ll scrap free prescriptions when elected. It’s never made sense to me that I can get a packet of Paracetamol for free when it’s prescribed by my Doctor when it would only cost me around 50p to buy one.

Of course there are many people in Wales who need free prescriptions, but there are also many who can afford to pay for their medicine. And in times of challenge we should pay for what we can.

Admirable protests

I may not agree with the aims of some of the people protesting in London today but I do admire many of them for the way they have both planned and executed their protests. And probably more importantly I admire them for taking a stand on an “issue” that is important to them.

That is a fundametal democratic right that we seem to have been prepared to foresake during the good times. I just hope that the Police deal with them in a sensible and non violent manner, unless of course force is used in response to demonstrator instigated violence.