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So many of our politicians and their ideas fail to excite, we have a dearth of quality leaders and they need to be held more to account.

More ridiculous Defence Cuts

22 January 2013 Politics

More cuts to the Defence manpower budget will be announced today, reducing the Army in particular by a further 5,000 men and women. This is without doubt a dangerous and ridiculous move. As a member of the UN Security Council and a major player on the global military scene, we have always punched above our […]

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Why did we expect Algeria to listen?

20 January 2013 Politics

The Algerian response to the unpleasant events at the gas plant At Imenas was not one that the UK Government welcomed and one that it is probably finding tough to support. But why on earth should we expect anything other that the response we’ve seen? The Algerian military have a history of being trained by […]

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Will there be pre-emptive School closures?

17 January 2013 Politics

A “rare” Red Warning has been issued by the Met Office for snow in many parts of Wales and some transport infrastructure has already been disrupted for tomorrow morning. Some trains have bee cancelled as have some school buses, but as far as I can see there’s been no mention of school closures anywhere. I […]

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We don’t need Nanny State Weather reports

26 December 2012 Politics

Last Saturday I was driving on the M4 in south Wales, the weather was awful, quite possibly the heaviest rain I’ve ever had to drive in. And to help me was the absolutely ridiculous notices on the electronic signs that warned me of “Poor Driving Conditions”. I already knew that! I’m not stupid, I can see what’s […]

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Why working to a Common Purpose makes sense

20 December 2012 Politics

First; the admission: I am a “graduate” of Common Purpose having taken part in the year long programme in Cardiff around 1995. So there’s a chance that I might be biased when I say that Eric Pickles is making a mistake when he says that local authorities are wasting their money sending staff on these […]

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Afghanistan – why we are now entering the dangerous period

20 December 2012 Politics

Yesterday’s announcements on troop withdrawals in 2013 are of course welcome, they are a clear sign that we will leave Afghanistan and that there has been great progress in preparing the Afghan security forces to take the lead. But there is still much to be done there. Afghanistan is far from being a country at […]

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Why does Politics get in the way of Politics?

11 December 2012 Politics

I was invited onto a BBC Wales radio programme, Sunday Supplement, last Sunday, taking a look at some of the stories making the news in the last week. I was there to talk about the long term effects of war and awful situations on the health of servicemen and ex-servicemen that had been triggered by […]

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