Nice one Blues

15 September 2012 Rugby

It was a good result tonight for the Blues against the Dragons, despite the fact that the overall quality and entertainment value of the match was low. Great too to see Jamie Roberts back in action, the half hour he played will aid the healing process just as much as all the physio has in […]

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Warburton is not the only answer

7 June 2012 Rugby

When our Sam was sent off in the World Cup match against France it was one of those moments: some said it felt like the air had been sucked from their lung, it was such a big moment. 

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3 Grand Slam thoughts

7 April 2012 Rugby

I know, it’s a while since we won the Grand Slam this year, but I have to mention a couple of things: 1. The Team : Wales are now a wonderful team: they are committed, physically intense, supportive, creative, intelligent and it was marvellous to see that all their tries were scored by the backs. 2. […]

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RWC 2011: 7 out of 8 disappointments

25 October 2011 Rugby

At the start of the Competition I wrote about my 8 hopes for the tournament, I ended up being disappointed by just about all of them! First off: the French team only turned up for the final and even then could proably have made a better fist of it. Second: there might not have been […]

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My my, Haven’t the All Blacks improved!

24 October 2011 Laugh

Congratulations to the All Blacks on becoming world champions yesterday. A really well deserved crowning of a great side. One area they’ve significantly improved in is their pre-match Haka. Check this out for the way it was done in the 70’s httpv://

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The Best Individual Try ever!

7 October 2011 Rugby

Whilst Rugby might be a team game sometimes it delivers acts of true brilliance. In this clip Shane Williams defeats a defence by running towards them, truly brilliant!

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8 things I want to see from the Rugby World Cup

10 September 2011 Rugby

The greatest sporting event in the world started yesterday, my opinion of course, and for the next 6 weeks we will see fantastic athletes knocking lumps out of each other in the best possible spirit of sportsmanship and respect. And as the competition starts, I wonder what would make it great? Here are some of […]

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