The City Deal is a Treasury driven stimulus for empowering local areas to drive growth by putting greater resources and financial freedoms into the hands of local leaders and it is gaining much attention in Wales. It has the potential to deliver an extra investment of circa £1billion and if used wisely might have a significant and long-term impact on the economy of a region.

But could it also have an impact on Wales? After all, we are a small country in terms of population and could, with a bit of effort and innovative thinking, develop a plan that might transform the country rather than just a single city-region. My belief is that if can but to do so we will need to think and operate differently to the way things are currently aligned. [click to continue…]



Would it be 9


Would it 8?






Someone’s already done 7 – but it could still prove to be a winner:

What’s happened to Penarth?

by Alan on May 21, 2015

in Wales

penarth_town_centreI went to Penarth yesterday, hadn’t been there for some time, but I remembered it as a smart little town but I was shocked when I saw how the centre of the town has changed.

Standing in the middle of the shopping area I could count 3 supermarkets, 4 coffee shops and 5 charity shops.

When I walked less than 100 yards “just round the corner” I found another 4 charity shops.

What has happened to what was once such a nice little place to turn it into the Charity Shop capital of south Wales?

“The Welsh Class” circa 1963: where are they now?

16 May 2015 Family

Clearing out a few cupboards this weekend uncovered this old photo of the London County Council run “Welsh Class” in HungerfordRoad School, probably around 1963. I wonder where they all are now. You probably couldn’t call it the Welsh Class now, would infringe some law or other I’m sure.

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Buying Votes – another act of folly

21 September 2014 Politics

So, Ed Miliband wants to raise the minimum wage over the course of the next Parliament from £6.50 which is due to take effect in October to £8 an hour. This is a remarkably easy vote winning strategy for a Labour leader to throw out there, but he needs to understand the reality of what he’s […]

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More Rubbish on Rubbish

4 July 2014 Moans

I live in Cardiff, but am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Aberaeron in Ceredigion. One strange thing I’ve noticed is that the 2 councils place different recycling demands on me, and other residents, and are not working in a common national agenda. For example: we’ve all got those horrid little food […]

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Don’t try Picnicking in Aberaeron

17 June 2014 Moans

There’s a really pleasant walk along the riverside in Aberaeron. It’s perfect for a lazy stroll and for many it offers an opportunity to picnic in the shade whilst listening to the sounds of the passing River Aeron. I took a walk down there yesterday with Ben my Labrador and was appalled at the state […]

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