Education in Wales: time for some change

16 June 2014 Politics

Last week the BBC reported in Wales: “First Minister Carwyn Jones has told BBC Wales he thinks some councils are incapable of improving education in their area. He said that with six local education authorities (LEAs) in special measures it is impossible to have faith in the delivery of education across Wales. Mr Jones argued […]

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Why don’t mobile networks cover where people live?

16 May 2014 Moans

Mobile phone coverage is pretty patchy in west Wales, but when I was getting a poor service indoors in Aberaeron I decided to look at the service provider map for the area. It gave some interesting results:         This first map is off 3’s website and shows the indoor and outdoor coverage for […]

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Is my poor Broadband the product of Poor Architecture?

4 May 2014 Moans

I’m not a keen user of Facebook, but I do read it to keep up with the news from some of my friends. Tonight, in Aberaeron, I had difficulty connecting to the site and when I did a trace of the route being taken got the results in the picture. I don’t know what’s wrong, […]

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Will the Red Forces out-muscle the Blue Forces?

31 January 2014 Rugby

The Blue Forces were always the good guys in the Military wargames that we used to play all those years ago on the Central Front of Europe. Russia – or the Warsaw Pact – had claimed bragging rites as the Red Forces and all that colour coding made great sense. In summary: Blue equals good, Red […]

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Is the Living wage really enough for Wales?

4 July 2013 Wales

The Living Wage has been getting a lot of press recently, most notably when global confectionery giant Nestle decided to make sure that all its employees were paid the standard as set by The Living Wage Foundation. While not recognised by the government as a legally enforceable wage, The Living Wage denotes a standard hourly […]

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Police Manifestos

20 November 2012 Politics

The Police and Crime Commissioner manifestos: Weren’t they all a bit PC (no pun intended)? Nowhere did I hear anyone saying that they would take the speed cameras off the road, and stop persecuting motorists. Nobody wanted to look for swingeing cuts to make savings to do something better elsewhere Nobody said they liked what they say, […]

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Why I will spoil my ballot

9 November 2012 Moans

I will be expressing my feeling in next week’s election of Police and Crime Commissioner by spoiling my ballot paper. It’s the only way I can think of to protest –  albeit in a pretty futile way – against this ridiculous election. I’ve never spoilt a ballot paper before, and have always voted as I believe in […]

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