Horses or Tanks – who wins?

Image result for challenger tanks + horsesCavalry charges: that’s how it used to be in the good old days! But then came the Tank: dirty, ugly, noisy and of course terribly effective in battle. So the horses moved from the battlefield to other parts of the Army.

So it must be a bit of a surprise to find that the British Army still has more Horses than Tanks even today.

According to a response to a Freedom of Information request the Army currently has 485 horses, compared to 227 Challenger Main Battle Tanks.

Progress, but at what price?


Brilliant Synchronisation in the Cloud

syncI’ve been using Evernote as my note taking app for some time now and to be honest it’s been pretty excellent, it’s sharing is great and it’s integration with Google Chrome is first class.

But recently I’ve become seduced more and more by Microsoft products, their smartphone and tablet apps really have shifted the game with OneDrive. So when I decided to explore the use of  OneNote a little more there was the challenge of moving my life history of notes from Evernote to OneNote. How do you that?

Google didn’t have many answers, and those that were there weren’t particularly useful, but then I found CloudHQ. Continue reading “Brilliant Synchronisation in the Cloud”

What’s happened to Penarth?

penarth_town_centreI went to Penarth yesterday, hadn’t been there for some time, but I remembered it as a smart little town but I was shocked when I saw how the centre of the town has changed.

Standing in the middle of the shopping area I could count 3 supermarkets, 4 coffee shops and 5 charity shops.

When I walked less than 100 yards “just round the corner” I found another 4 charity shops.

What has happened to what was once such a nice little place to turn it into the Charity Shop capital of south Wales?

“The Welsh Class” circa 1963: where are they now?

Clearing out a few cupboards this weekend uncovered this old photo of the London County Council run “Welsh Class” in HungerfordRoad School, probably around 1963. I wonder where they all are now.

You probably couldn’t call it the Welsh Class now, would infringe some law or other I’m sure.

Abergavenny: no longer a Super Market-Town

The Kings Arms, Abergavenny

I had a lovely weekend in Abergavenny this weekend, not having been there for probably 20 years or more. We stayed in a very nice pub in the middle of town: The Kings Arms and would recommend it very highly. It’s a quaint old beamed building that has creaky sloping floors, panelled walls and loads of character.

The staff were really friendly, the room comfy and the food very good indeed. There was also a lovely atmosphere in the bar, which had some very good beer too.

I remember Abergavenny as a comfortable market-town, with small independent shops giving it a real sense of character. Sadly that’s changed: charity shops, branded coffee shops and a few super markets have changed the town quite a bit. And probably not for the better either.

It’s a real shame as it was once a super market-town, whilst now it’s changed to a supermarket town which appears to have killed off some local businesses. A shame indeed, some may call it progress but I’d disagree.