Tweets today on2009-02-20

  • My wife tells me I’ve got a face for radio, the screen never lies! #
  • First Flip videos videoed (is there such a word) really cute toy. #
  • Excited – my Flip video has arrived. About to waste a day on video making self-training. Fun Friday’s are back #
  • Awaiting arrival of my new Flip Video – should be here tomorrow. Movie makers of the world beware #
  • Mapping Welsh societies around the world – any contributions to, thanks. #
  • Where are all the Welsh people around the world, I’m building a community at and need contacts – come on folks,,,plleeeez #
  • 2 things can cleat the head – a good walk on the beech or 20 mins meditation. I’ve just had the second!
    Feeling great now #
  • Taking the dog for a walk – time for a good old THINK as well! #
  • Grey day, grey hair, great smile – the best way to fight back #
  • WANTED -aspiring or professional Welsh journalists to write about Wales and Welsh things for new website uniting the Welsh around the world #
  • sushi for lunch on the west coast #

London Welsh Club

Sad news from London today that the London Welsh Club in Gray’s Inn Road is in deep trouble financially and may not last. I’ve got such happy memories of the club, from a little lad who used to go there for Urdd all the way to heavy and late nights “socialising” in my twenties.

Changes in the movement of Welsh people to London will have changed the markets, I’m not sure we had breathalysers when I lived there either.

Let’s hope they can survive. In my mind and probably in the minds of others, this is an Institution that is worth saving.

Only in Britain

Stephen Fry tells a great tale about the difference between English and American by using the phrase “Only in America”. There it implies inspirational activity and comes with a fair polish of pride.

On the other hand “only in Britain” seems to me to have a pretty negative meaning. You can almost hear the body language that goes with it – “Pah… only in Britain” – roll the eyes, shrug the shoulders, hands in pockets.

So I had to smile when I heard another story about that 13 year old father that was in the news last week. If he moves in with the mother of the child and WHEN she reaches the age of 16, she will be able to claim child benefit for both the baby and the father.

“Pah – only in Britain”